Laptop power socket repairs in doncaster

High quality DC power socket repairs on laptops, netbooks and notebooks

If you are experiencing the following problems you more than likely have a DC power socket issue.

  • Your screen is flickering whilst charging the laptop
  • Your laptop suddenly changes from battery to AC power
  • Your laptop battery will not charge ( this could also be the battery thats worn¬† out)
  • The DC jack socket is loose or broken and requires repair
  • Your laptop will not power up at all (a dead laptop)

All of the above can be the symptoms of a faulty power socket and more than likely needs to be replaced.

Loose power sockets can be very dangerous whilst the laptop is used, if you have a loose or broken socket please do not use your laptop until it has been repaired as this can cause further damage to your laptop possibly resulting in a new motherboard.

Give us call to ask any questions or use the form to book your laptop in for a power socket repair.