I am the original nurd when it comes to computers, this I openly admit.Being a famous writer of unpublished books, My sole obsession with the machine, is to simply use it as a typewriter never giving thought to using a back up system. So- when the hard drive crashed; mid story of the century, I had no alternative but to seek assistance regarding the possibility to try and restore my masterpiece. [Big mistake} I wandered through the labyrinth of specialists on the computer, selecting what I thought was the best of the bunch, and no doubt!, they possibly are, in that field, but having only limited resource's I declined there gargantuan offer. With advice from a first class neighbour and computer wise guy, I decided to simply cut my losses and simply lose the one and a half years work, resort to memory buy a hard drive.

This brings me to those clever guys at home computers at Woodlands Doncaster. They listened to my tale of woe, and asked if they could look at the old hard drive, within twenty four hours with just there own developed soft ware, they retrieved every detail. Sold me a new hard drive, put the lot on a stick and transfer'd everything to the new hard drive. Cost--- one sixth of the original quote, well under two hundred pounds. This has to be a no brainer, not to give these guys a call or visit, thank you once again lads.

Colin Potts, Customer - Hard drive recovery