Computer Servicing in Doncaster

Computer systems PC’s, laptops and consoles are a little bit like vacuum cleaners, they suck the dust and dirt up from around them, in doing this over a period of time they start to run HOT. Whilst your system is getting hot then cold over a period of time things expand and retract this causing components and solder joints to crack.

The systems cannot exhaust all of the debris and fluff and blowing in the fan WILL NOT clear the blockage, the only real way to clear the fan of the blockage is to remove it from the computer or laptop and manually clean it, this leaves the fan to spin freely and the dust to then start escaping again leaving your equipment to run cooler.

We can offer you a full strip down and internal service for very little this prolongs the life of your equipment and keeps it running more stable over a longer period of time.


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